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I'm Suprina, Founder and Lead Business Connector at the Business Hitch.

How it all began

Welcome to my little corner of the platform.

I’m a Strategic Business Management Consultant and Entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado.

In 2020, I was stuck in a space where I had the business experience, technical skills and a great work ethic, but I couldn’t figure out the right way to promote myself. I struggle with imposter syndrome, being multi-passionate, perfectionism and finding the courage to follow my dreams. I realized my main problem was feeling confident enough to put my services out there for someone to see. 

In 2022, I decided to confront the imposter syndrome head on. So I created a space where consultants like myself can feel empowered to share their services and expertise with those who need them.

Although I’ve created a professional services marketplace where people can post free business projects and buy services, I created the Business Hitch as a vessel to empower talented people to connect.


 I can’t really say when I first started on this journey, this business is a combination of many lessons learned over the past decade . As a young girl, I always had a passion for running my own business and creating tools or organization for people. From the neighborhood lawn care, cleaning, pet care and babysitting services to my more structured consulting and online business ideas, I suppose you can say I have always had the entrepreneur bug. 

After going to school for Business Innovation and Organization Management, I jumped head first into the corporate technology field. I worked my way up through various roles, learning essential life and business lessons before starting business contracting in 2018.

Ironically enough, after a few failed side business attempts, I had never felt more ready to change the way I was approaching working for myself. I have been determined to leverage all of the insights I gained from those experiences and prove to myself that anyone willing (even me) can be resilient enough to figure out the recipe for a successful business. 

Having a platform where business consultants can be empowered, make connections and find profitable opportunities gives me great joy. Creating a platform where I could share my own services is just a perk 🙂


Thanks For Reading! 


Don't be the business world's best kept secret, share your services.

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